Monday, January 19, 2009

January 18, 2009

According to the sign, this is the world's largest rocking chair. Not sure this photo is large enough to read the small print, so here it is: 21 feet tall, 14, feet wide, 9100 pounds, hand hewn douglas fir wood built in 1990. It is located in Penrose, CO. We drove by today and I made my husband turn around so I could have my "photo of the day". It sits behind a six foot chain link fence with barbed wire on top. There is no way to get close to it as the building behind it is no longer in business. I was bummed as my husband volunteered to climb up in it so we could really see just how big it is! That would have been a better pic!


Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a chair. Sometimes I see things like this and I ask myself, "What possesses a person to build such a thing". Makes for an interesting picture though.

Jo-Anne Price said...

Totally cool! I love stuff like this! I have one of a chair like this from the Kutztown Folk Festival!