Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 2010

You notice from this post there is no actual day... I just finished editing pics for the entire month. Boy was I behind. I didn't take a photo every day, but did get quite a few significant events. I will post them one at a time, not necessarily in the order in which they happened. Hopefully next month I'll do better...

We'll start off with my youngest son, Hamlin and his first 100 days of school. He's in Kindergarten and they celebrated 100 days of being in school. Each child was to bring 100 of something to eat and they put it all together to make a stew. As you can see here we opted for the heart shaped marshmallows as it was close to Valentine's Day. He counted them out and insisted on 101 so he could eat one before he took them to school. Apparently the "stew" was pretty sweet with lots of good things to eat! What a fun activity :)

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