Saturday, January 1, 2011

Miss Molly 2011

Our little Miss Molly made the 2011 Colorado Pug Rescue Calendar as Miss February. Today in the snow I decided to try out her little fur coat and take some photos. These are my favorites!

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Kathie Jo said...

Miss Molly is adorable and congrats to her! She is so charming and I'm sure she would get along with Miss Maggie, as she has quite a fan club, but has not won any awards, except for the love of us all, and that is her claim to fame so far.
Well, actually, my oldest daughter, Jo Lynne, claims that, Maggie, tried to tell her many times that her own dog, Kipper, was having a seizure. She says that, Maggie, kept running into the bathroom, where Jo Lynne, was doing her hair, with a determined look, as if to say, "Something is happening to Kipper and you must come right now!" I suppose that merits something.
I love your profile picture! I cannot wait to read your whole blog!
Kathie Jo Elliott