Thursday, March 10, 2011


These coins were all made to be worth $1.  I'm not exactly sure what the first two would be worth today, maybe more than their intended $1, maybe not.   They all have a story though...  The first one is one of three silver dollars my grandpa gave me to give to my boys.  They are all three from 1922, his birth year.  The second one is from my birth year - and yes if you're good at mental gymnastics - you have figured out my age:)  At any rate, I earned it when I was a kid, somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9 for learning all the books of the Bible.  It wasn't a program, like AWANA has been for my boys, to learn Bible verses and the books of the bible, it was just a lady in the country neighborhood who thought it was important.  If my memory serves me correctly she died a few years back from cancer.  The third coin my son earned at the Buffalo Swim Club swim meet.  All have a story and all are special in their own way.

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