Monday, February 7, 2011

07: generations

Today's joy of LOVE topic is generations...  At first I was going to have one of my boys hold the five generation photo I have making them the 7th with me included but then I had the thought to go back into my files and edit some of the photos I have with my kids with their great grandparents.  These photos were taken in 2004.  My grandpa seen here in all of these photos is now gone to heaven and grandma lives in a nursing home, OH HOW I MISS THEM BOTH as grandma lives back home in MO.  I must say that I cried as I edited these...    I spent so much time with them growing up.  Learned to cook without measuring, learned how to milk a cow, how to bid at an auction, watched much hair being cut, styled or permed, fell asleep on a five gallon bucket inside the cab of the combine on grandpa's knee - oh, I could go on and on... Words can not describe the things they taught with their lives and actions.  When I was home last summer I brought back some mementos from their home... One being Grandpa's bible another grandma's journal.  It has been great to read and see the verses they had underlined as meaningful to them. I only hope that I can leave such a legacy!

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Janet said...

LOVE that second picture. Just priceless!