Friday, February 11, 2011

11: dreams - snow/ice...

Guess I should start by explaining that this post is 2 for one...  My 52 Friday's group theme this week was snow/ice and my joy of LOVE was dreams...  I took a drive up the mountain today.  I must say it was so peaceful...  This made me think of "dreams"...  We have many dreams but one recurring one is hiking and just plain getting away from the craziness.  We seem to stay so busy that even small get aways are usually just not in the cards for us.  Maybe that's why it's a "dream" either to do it on occasion or to think of doing it!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time out and about taking photos in the snow!  The photo of the mountains says "Peaceful get away"  to me.  When you're self employed and work from home sometimes it takes getting out of the office/house to see clearly.

You can see that I edited the same photo of the old wagon 3 times as I just couldn't decide which one I liked for the snow theme.  What about you ~ which one do you like?

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