Thursday, February 17, 2011

15: Kiss

Today's topic was "kiss" for the joy of LOVE project.  I'm running behind and hope to be caught up tomorrow - we shall see...  Little Miss Molly loves to give kisses.  It's not my favorite thing but my boys sure have fun with it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

14: wedding bands/jewelry

Happy Valentine's Day :)  My husband thoroughly spoiled me for Valentines Day.  Flowers, chocolate, lunch out and a movie for a later night at home...  How could I not use these things for Today's joy of LOVE theme of wedding bands or jewelry.  I never get tired of our wedding bands and the flowers made a perfect backdrop.  The monkey was a present my son got at school today and he thought he needed to be in the photos today too!  Our 52 Fridays theme is LOVE this week as well and I don't think I can top this one but maybe something else will pop out to me between now and then... Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

13: routines

The thirteenth joy of LOVE theme is "routines".  This is my husband and son doing the daily reading routine.  Sometimes I get to read but usually this is while I'm making dinner, so I just get to listen :)

12: eyes

Today's joy of LOVE is "eyes".  These eyes belong to my oldest son.  Notice the LONG eyelashes?  He gets them from his Uncle Randall.  How is it that boys can get these naturally and girls have to "create" them?