Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let is Snow ~ Buffalo WY Photographer

When my son came running into our room this morning saying "it's REALLY snowing a little over 2 hours ago he wasn't kidding as the picnic table you see here was just barely covered.  I'm not sure what the expected accumulation is, but it's still snowing and it looks beautiful from our new home both the front as you see with the evergreen trees and the deck in back.  We are truly thankful for our new place here in Buffalo and are looking forward to the changes in store! One of the most exciting changes is a studio for me as taking pics in this weather really isn't too feasible.  I'll be sure to take photos of the process and plan on having a grand opening complete with specials when it's all done!  We are also making some other changes and due to the location, they will happen first, so I'm not sure how long our total remodel process will take.  Good thing is we aren't on any time line so we can just sit back and enjoy - well of course help and work along the way!  We are truly blessed!